Organisation: Faataua Le Ola (FLO)

We are a counselling organisation that provides counselling to people considering suicide, those who are abused and incest children. Our goals and mission is to have a suicide free Samoa in the years to come. WE have a 24 hour hotline for all of Samoa (8005433).   We are supported by donor organisations eg NZ Aid, EU, Canada fund, local companies and individual donors

Established: 2000

SUNGO Member since: 2003

Our Board:

Director: Dr. Karen Nelson

Chair: Papalii Carol Ah Chong

Vice Chair: Lisha Slade

Treasurer: Marie B Toalepaialii

Members: Elita Aloaina and Alisa Williams

Locaition: Wesley Arcade, Matafele

Office Phone Number:30609,

Lifeline Phone Number: 8005433

PO Box 3489

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Acting Director  - Runa Pavitt - Curry 30609 / 77777248

Admin Officer - Lineta Tanielu 30609 / 7772000