Our specific roles are to:
Develop and enhance cooperation and networking among national NGOs/CSOs.

  • Develop strong links between national, regional and international NGOs/CSOs.
  • Facilitate the transfer of information and materials useful for NGO/CSO members.
  • Support the development efforts of member NGOs/CSOs to achieve their goals.
  • Liaise with Government and other agencies on policies and issues affecting civil society and member NGOs/CSOs.
  • Advocate and propose policies on cross cutting issues such as human rights, gender, disability, environment, sustainable development, and HIV/AIDS/STI.
  • Protect the interests of member NGOs/CSOs and promote the sharing of information and resources amongst members.
  • Implement programmes to enhance the development of member NGOs/CSOs.
  • Promote research to provide support and evidence for the development of the civil society sector.

Conditions of membership of SUNGO:

SUNGO requires all member NGOs to:

1) Recognise that membership incurs a responsibility to the wider community  and  to sharing ideas and support for their stakeholders as part of collective learning and advancement

2) Foster a spirit of partnership with Government and other agencies, based on mutual respect and trust - recognising that whilst the parties will not always agree, cooperation rather than confrontation is more likely to lead to better decisions, and sustained benefits.

3) Recognise the importance of sustainability and fostering self help in development and planning

4) Take account of the impact of their activities on the social, economic, political and natural environment

It is intended that the above Principles be incorporated into a ‘Charter’ which all Members will accept as the basis for their Membership.