Organisation: Loto Taumafai Society for People with Disabilities

Contact names: Letaa Dan Devoe (President), Leata Toma-Faiese (Finance & Admin Officer)

Phone/Contact #s: 24288

Post Office box: 1631    Street address: Motootua

Email/website address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SUNGO Member since: 1998

Loto Taumafai was established in 1981 as an organisation committed to provide education for people with disabilities and/or special needs. It has an Executive Board that governs the organisation. Activities mainly rely on funds and aids from donor agencies and donations from various organisations that are kind enough to lend their assistance.

Early Intervention Program

The Loto Taumafai Early Intervention Program is a Community Based Rehabilitation Program which focuses on young children with disabilities.

The program supports children with a disability and their family with:

  • Therapy (physical and occupational therapy)
  • Language and communication support (specializing in Samoan sign language)
  • Family support and education
  • Advocacy


The role of Loto Taumafai:

Lototaumafai aims to provide education and quality services that maximise opportunities for people with a disabilities to reach their full potential in Samoa.

The organisation facilitates the inclusion of people with special needs, and at individual, community and national level.

Lototaumafai hopes to achieve best practice in all organisational activities and management


Key Activities:

The Loto Taumafai centre considers all opportunities as they arise, and undertakes appropriate activities to achieve its goals such as;

  • Education
  • Early intervention support services
  • Vocational Training

The Komiti Atinae Manono was set up in 1990 and currently has 543 members (302 Female 243 Male). They meet once monthly and are governed by a management Committee made up of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 members. They specialises in areas of community development, economic development and tourism. Donors for recent projects were the Canada Fund, AusAID and NZAid.

Location: Faleu Village, Manono Island


The role of KAM:

  • To organise leaders and decision makers in Faleu Manono village in support of improved community infrastructure and land acquisition,
  • To promote community projects that will improve earning capacity, health conditions and housing Manono residents,
  • To promote and enhance good governance in the village
  • To seek funds to assist development of the village


Key Activities:

  • To improve local infrastructure with the assistance from the government and overseas donors,
  • To organise a community based tourism operation, owned and run by people of the village
  • To improve and maintain cultural values within the community
  • Assist in maintaining Heritage and promote it worldwide to attract tourists to Manono

Contact Info:

Leiataua Setefano


Leiataua Katifa Faletoese



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Leiataua Kilali Alilima



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Organisation: Faalapotopotoga Atinae o Komiti Tumama o Samoa (FAKTS)

Samoa Womens Committee Development Organisation (SWCDO)

Faalapotopotoga Atinae o Komiti Tumama o Samoa (FAKTS) is the biggest and longest serving grassroots womens organisation in Samoa, that was established in 1920 and became a member of SUNGO in 1997.

It is governed traditionally with a management committee/board. The daily maintenance of office is operated by Management Committee consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary and Vice Secretary and Treasurer and Vice Treasurer. The treasurer acts as a Project Manager and Administration Officer due to lack of funds to employ staff. All work is voluntary.

FAKTS has more than 24,000 members throughout Samoa, each a member of the KT in their own village. Its work lies in the sectors of Health, Education, Governance and Environment.

There is also an Executive Committee for each village Komiti Tumama (President, Secretary and a third person chosen from committee). The EC has meetings once per month.

President/CEO: Fuatino May Saaga

Vice President: Leuta Leniafa Sakaria

Admin/Office Manager/Secretary: Safuneituuga Tiresa Matui

Finance/Treasurer: Leiataua Katifa Faletoese


Contact Person:

  1. Katifa Bryce
  2. Leuta Leniafa Sakaria

Mobile phone: 7611752/76111750

Po box: 1638

Street address: mulivai

Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Preferred communication Phone and email

The role of Komiti Tumama Atinae:

  • Develop and enhance status of women in accordance with their economic, educational and health needs, maintain the value of culture and traditions,
  • Uphold the principles of equal rights and equal opportunities for women
  • Develop, encourage cleanliness of villages and support environmental activities
  • Promote, establish early childhood education,
  • Advice, inform Komiti Tumama of donor agencies' assistance for infrastructure
  • Strengthen awareness on elimination of abuse and violence against children and women
  • Promote nutrition in Early Childhood Education Centers and KTs

Key Activities:

  • Primary health care, cultural and traditional activities
  • Education and training on social issues related to women, men and children
  • Environmental programs
  • Trainings on writing applications to donors for infrastructure projects for pre-school, and komiti tumama centres
  • Trainings on preparing acquittal reports
  • Share issues of abuse/violence against women and children

Our specific roles are to:
Develop and enhance cooperation and networking among national NGOs/CSOs.

  • Develop strong links between national, regional and international NGOs/CSOs.
  • Facilitate the transfer of information and materials useful for NGO/CSO members.
  • Support the development efforts of member NGOs/CSOs to achieve their goals.
  • Liaise with Government and other agencies on policies and issues affecting civil society and member NGOs/CSOs.
  • Advocate and propose policies on cross cutting issues such as human rights, gender, disability, environment, sustainable development, and HIV/AIDS/STI.
  • Protect the interests of member NGOs/CSOs and promote the sharing of information and resources amongst members.
  • Implement programmes to enhance the development of member NGOs/CSOs.
  • Promote research to provide support and evidence for the development of the civil society sector.

Conditions of membership of SUNGO:

SUNGO requires all member NGOs to:

1) Recognise that membership incurs a responsibility to the wider community  and  to sharing ideas and support for their stakeholders as part of collective learning and advancement

2) Foster a spirit of partnership with Government and other agencies, based on mutual respect and trust - recognising that whilst the parties will not always agree, cooperation rather than confrontation is more likely to lead to better decisions, and sustained benefits.

3) Recognise the importance of sustainability and fostering self help in development and planning

4) Take account of the impact of their activities on the social, economic, political and natural environment

It is intended that the above Principles be incorporated into a ‘Charter’ which all Members will accept as the basis for their Membership.